Alveogyl is a dry-socket treatment and post-extraction dressing which every dental office should have on hand.

Alveogyl is a one-step, self-eliminating treatment which rapidly alleviates pain and provides a soothing effect throughout the healing process.

It’s fibrous consistency allows for easy filling of the socket and good adherence during the entire healing process.

– Dry socket treatment
– Post Extraction Dressing
Features & Benefits:
•Analgesic action due the soothing effect of eugenol on the alveolar tissues.
•Very easy to apply thanks to its fibrous consistency.
•Easily maintained in the alveolus.
•No Need for Suturing or special attention
•Gradually self eliminates with the patient’s tongue and lips movements

Start giving your patients the comfort. Every patient deserves a dressing of Alveogyl.

Directions for Use
Using a pair of tweezers apply 0.2g of Alveogyl to adequately cover the bottom of the socket
and pack gently into place.
Economy:  About 50 patients can be treated with a 10g bottle of Alveogyl Ordering Information:
– Jar of 10 G


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