Bondable Buccal Tube – 2nd Molar – Single – Non Convertable – MBT


  • Bondable Buccal Tube for 2nd Molar from UDG
  • Single and Non Convertable
  • Available in MBT Prescription
  • Comes in Pkt of 4 Buccal Tubes, One for Each Quadrant
    Made in PRC


All new Falcon Series Buccal Tubes
Bondable Buccal Tubes
With Wide Funneled Enterance
Made from Metal Injected Molded Technology
Falcon Series of Buccal Tube is the Latest Designed Buccal Tubes in the market with Easy Funnel Enterance
Large Pad Size Improves Bond Strength and a Better Fit to the Tooth
A Unique Notch on the Occlusal Side help holding the Buccal tube Properly and hence makes the Placement easy
Buccal Tube on the Lower Arch features a Tear Drop Design to keep them out of Occlusion
A Patented Finneled Slot Opening makes Arch Wire Engagement easy without Added Size.


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