Cavex Colour Change 500g



9 Days Dimensional Stability Color Change Alginate


Cavex ColorChange

The alginate with virtual intelligence. The youngest generation Cavex alginate, available in fast set

Colour changes are visualizing the major decision points in impression taking:

  • End of mixing time
  • End of setting time (tray can be removed from mouth)


Indicating 2 Colour Changes :

  • End of mixing time: violet to pink
  • End of setting time in mouth: pink to white

-9 days dimensional stability

(9 days without shrinking in a well closed plastic bag)

-Innovative reaction mechanism

-Rapid, complete hardening reaction

-Highly elastic, ideal for orthodontics

-Good tear and deformation resistance

-Detail reproduction at least 25 µm

-Smooth surface, optimum gypsum compatibility


-Patient friendly setting time: 1 min in mouth

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