Cavex Outline Paste 2 Tubes WHITE/BLUE

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Cavex Outline eugenol-free impression paste is used for taking edentulous impressions. The mixed impression paste flows freely under light pressure, preventing any soft tissue distortions when removing the impression and accurately reproducing all details.
Cavex Outline eugenol-free impression paste is therefore particularly suitable for relining and for second impressions with individual trays.
Eugenol-free and therefore patient-friendly.

Cavex Outline eugenol-free impression paste is supplied as a two-paste system in blue and white. Squeezing lines of equal length onto the mixing block will give a homogeneous blend with the following mixing ratio: 1g of blue paste to 2.2g of white paste.
NOTE: All other mixing ratios will take longer to set.

Mixing time
Thoroughly mix the two pastes on the supplied mixing block using a sturdy stainless steel spatula until it produces a homogeneous colour. This takes about 30 seconds.

Taking an impression
Apply the mixed paste to the prosthesis or impression tray, then place in the patient’s mouth within 1½ minutes of mixing the paste and apply light pressure. The setting time in the mouth is 2–3 minutes.
Carefully remove the tray from the mouth and rinse the impression well with cold running water.

The impression can immediately be cast with plaster.
Impressions remain stable for 7 days.


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