Coltosol® F


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  • Fluoride Releasing Temporary Filling Material by Coltene
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Available in 8 Gm Syringe & 38 Gm Jar


  • Non-Eugenol

Easy application

  • – Creamy consistency for easy adaptation in the cavity
  • – Good retention in the cavity
  • – No mixing, no waste of material
  • – Simple setting by the action of saliva
  • – Easy removal in large portions
  • – Long shelf life

Reliable Security

  • – Fluoride release
  • – Radioopacity for the perfect control of the treatment result
  • – Perfect marginal seal
  • – Eugenol-free, no effect on the curing of composites
  • – Ideal surface hardness for provisional fillings
  • in posteriors as well as for root canal sealings

Instant Application

  • After rolling the dispensed Coltosol F into a ball with your fingers, simply press it into the prepared cavity.

Easy removal

  • Coltosol F can be easily removed in large pieces using a bur or an excavator without leaving any residues.

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Syringe, Jar, Spindle for Syringe


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