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Gel for mechanical treatment of root canals with antimicrobial effect.

F&A Endogil TC is an excellent lubricant that facilitates the passage of tools through the canal which provides high-quality expansion, cleaning, shaping and antiseptic processing of even hard-to reach and branched root canals.


It is used for instrumental treatment of root canals together with irrigation solutions (sodium hypochloride, hydrogen peroxide).
Especially recommended:

  • for infected root canals;
  • if there are destructive processes in periapical tissues.


  • The material does not require manual preparation (ready-to- use form).
  • It is well delivered to the root canal both through the tip and   in the usual way.
  • Has chelating properties.
  • Provides thorough mechanical treatment of the root canal with manual and rotary tools.
  • Removes smeared layer.
  • It has an antimicrobial effect on the microflora of root canals.


  • First visit. The gel is inserted into the canal with the help of endodontic plastic tip. Mechanical processing of the root canal is performed according to the following protocol:
  • Root canal irrigation with 2.5 – 3% sodium of hypochlorite solution alternates with inserting the gel into the root canal.
  • Instrumental formation of the root canal is  carried  out when the gel is injected. Due to its chelate properties the  gel removes the smeared layer and facilitates the passage through the root canal.
  • The above-described procedures should be repeated until the required degree of root canal treatment is reached.
  • Final irrigation with sodium hypochlorite  solution.
  • Very thorough irrigation of the root canal with distilled water.
  • Temporary obturation of the root canal with calcium hydroxide for 1 – 2 weeks.

Second visit:
After mechanical removal of calcium hydroxide from the root canal the following procedures are carried out:
Root canal irrigation with 2.5 – 3% sodium hypochlorite solution which alternates with the insertion of the gel into the root canal.
Root canal irrigation with distilled water;
Repeated temporal obturation of the root canal with calcium hydroxide (during destructive processes) or permanent obturation of the root canal.

In cases if there are hard-to-reach infected root canals, it may be necessary to use F&A Metro gel in the root canal under a tight dressing for 1 to 3 days.


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