F&A Merfill Bond Se


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Made in Norway


MerFill Bond SE contains phosphoric acid methacrylate esters and maleic acid-modified methacrylates which being placed in aqueous surroundings will provide the moderate etching the surfaces of dentin and enamel to  allow  for  the  chemical  and  micromechanical  bonding  of  a  restorative  material  to  tooth  tissue.


  • Self-etching adhesive system for restoring all classes of cavities (according to Black) with the use of composite and compomer restorative materials (including flowing materials).
  • Adhesive  system  for  fixing  indirect  restorations  with  composite  and  compomer  materials  and  ceramics with the use of composite double-curing cements.
  • Protective varnish for the cervical areas of the teeth.


  • Guarantees a simple, fast and economical application technique.
  • Contains components that provide elasticity when working with all types of composites by creating an elastic hybrid layer. Such elastic hybrid layer reduces the risk of microleakage due to high elasticity and resistance to kinking. It also contains surfactants (surface active co-polymerized components) that facilitate penetration of the resin into the dentinal tubules.
  • A special co-polymerized solvent in combination with a very small amount of ethyl alcohol as a carrier solves the problem of rapid evaporation of the excess (undesirable) solvent and at the same time ensures the penetration of the adhesive into the dentinal tubules.
  • Does not contain acetone or other compounds that irritate the pulp.


  • To increase adhesion when working on the enamel area of the tooth, additional etching of enamel areas is recommended before applying the adhesive.
  • Unprepared  enamel  must  be  thoroughly  cleaned  with  a  polishing  paste  or  with  the  intraoral  sandblasting  machine. Etching of the enamel is fulfilled with the help of standard etching gels for 15–20 seconds.
  • The  prepared  enamel  can  be  selectively  etched  to  increase  adhesion.  Apply  etching  gel  to  the  enamel,  including  the  overhanging  edges  of  the  enamel.  Leave  for  15–20  seconds.  Rinse  well  with  water,  then  air  dry. Do not overdry.


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