F&A Merfill Flo (Flowable)


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Made in Norway


Highly flowable multi-purpose light-cured composite which provides simplicity and ease in work as well as excellent aesthetics, color stability, durability and versatility.

It is used to repair defects of enamel, erosion, discolored and structurally insufficient tooth enamel, acrylic veneers and minor defects in ceramic veneers. It is also perfect for fixing of laminated veneers.



  • Direct restoration of enamel defects (white and tetracycline stains, erosion, discoloration, etc.) with minimal tooth preparation or without preparation.
  • Coating of discolored surfaces of anterior teeth and amalgam restorations (MerFill FLO UO (Universal Opaquer)).
  • Filling cavities of V class.
  • Aesthetic correction of restorations made with traditional composites. Masking and damping lining for ordinary composite. Finishing coating of composite fillings with a high degree of polishing.
  • Renovation of defects in ceramic and acrylic veneers;
  • Cementation of veneers;
  • Fixing of splinting systems.


  • Fluidity which allows to put material into the cavity directly from a syringe;
  • High modulus of elasticity in combination with adhesive properties providing a perfect edge fitting.
  • The ability to adapt to the cavity and fill all small grooves allows a dentist to use this material while fillings with ordinary hybrid composites.
  • High degree of adhesion with etching enamel allows to work with small enamel defects without bonding systems.
  • The composite can be polished up to a brilliant shine.
  • High color stability and durability.
  • A wide range of shades.


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