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Multipurpose modern nano-hybrid composite restoration material of high aesthetics.

MerFill Nano LC is a multipurpose restoration composite with a unique TRIMODAL filler. Nano-hybrid formula provides MerFill Nano LC with excellent aesthetic properties, perfect polishability and improved manual properties as well as outstanding mechanical and physical characteristics such as X-ray contrast, fracture strength, compressive strength and tensile strength.


• High-aesthetic restoration of cavities of class I, II, III, IV and V.
• Making of inlays and onlays.
• Sandwich technology.
• Splinting.
• Stump modeling.


• MerFill Nano LC is a combination of well-selected transparent, translucent and opaque materials that guarantees excellent aesthetics of the restorations.
• MerFill Nano LC allows to successfully carry out restorations both on anterior and posterior teeth.
• The fluorescence spectrum of the material is close to the one of the protein of natural teeth which allows to make restoration of the highest level taking into account all modern aesthetic requirements.
• The material has an outstanding «chameleon» effect which allows to disguise it well in the cavity.
• The material is perfectly polished which provides restorations with natural aesthetics.
• MerFill Nano LC has excellent manual qualities – the material is plastic and does not stick to the tool.
• High aesthetic and optical qualities of the material allow to make the restoration according to a classical technique and the technique of layer-by-layer application (the «stratification» method).


• When developing the material special attention was paid to the improvement of its manual qualities. MerFill Nano LC is quite plastic and at the same time holds its shape well even when heated to the temperature of the human body. At the same time the material does not stick to the tool which allows to apply it easily and quickly and adapt it to the cavity.


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