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Antimicrobial gel for treatment of highly infected root canals.

F&A Metro is a unique combination of 3 active ingredients dissolved (in the most active state) in inert biopolymer matrix. At the temperature of the human body the fluidity of the gel increases dramatically allowing the active ingredients to penetrate even into the most distant parts of the root canals.



  • For prophylaxis and treatment of infected root canals in acute and chronic forms of pulpitis.
  • For treatment of various types of acute and chronic periapical pathology.


  • Acute purulent pulpitis.
  • Chronic gangrenous pulpitis.
  • Exacerbation of chronic pulpitis.


  • Acute serous periodontitis.
  • Acute purulent periodontitis.
  • Chronic forms of periodontitis:
  • fibrous;
  • granulating;
  • granulomatous.


  • Suppresses almost all aerobic pathogenic microorganisms and a significant amount of anaerobic microflora of infected root canals.
  • High concentration of antibacterial components in the most active, dissolved form.
  • The gel is thermoplastic, its fluidity increases at body temperature.
  • Easily penetrates into the most hard-to-reach areas of the root canal.
  • Easily inserted into the canal with the help of a convenient plastic endodontic tip (included).
  • Can be used for endodontic treatment of children with fully formed apexes.

First visit:

  • Isolate a tooth from saliva (cofferdam).
  • Prepare carious cavity.
  • Develop a pulp chamber and remove residual pulp. Rinse the cavity.
  • Make primary instrumental treatment of the root canal. It is desirable to use an EDTA-based endodontic lubricant (for example, F&A Chela Gel). If there are evident destructive processes in the  periapical  tissues  it  is  recommended to use preparations containing tetracycline chelate antibiotics (F&A Endogil TC or Endogil-DC).


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