Gutta Cutter




Wireless Quick & Safe Gutta Percha Cutter

1. Press rapid heating, release the button a few seconds for cooling, easy to use.
2. Gutta Percha Gutter Using wireless charging technology, stylish, , fashionable.
3. Gutta Percha Gutter 2400mAh large capacity nickel cadmium rechargeable battery, avoid frequently charging trouble.
4. Fever needle can be sterilized, it can be repeatedly used.
5. Double unit re-change is available;
6. Delicate handle, and very comfortable;
7. Single button operate, heat up very fast;
8. Non-contact recharge design;
9. Gutta Percha Gutter Battery has large capacity, which is capable of 100 times
10. Gutta Percha Gutter 4 different shape heat tip, can be sterilized under high temperature and press, can be used for various kinds of root canal
11.OEM available


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