Itena Clinical – DentoCrown (temporary crown and bridge material)


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1 Dentocrown cartridge (50 ml) + 10 mixing tips

Self curing resin for making of temporary crown and bridges

Making of: Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays

  • Remarkable mechanical properties
    • Excellent compressive and flexural strength
      – Reduce the risk of fracture
      – High material stability during chewing
      – Long-term reliability of restoration
    • Tooth-like hardness
    • Low polymerization shrinkage (2,7% at 10 minutes)
      – A good marginal fit and dimensional stability
      – Perfect maintenance of the provisional tooth during the realization of the final
  • A natural aesthetic
  • Natural aspect of restoration thanks to its smooth and shiny surface
  • High stability of color
  • Natural fluorescence of the tooth
  • Shades closed to Vita shades
  • Low exothermic reaction upon setting :
  • To protect pulpal tissue from chemical, physical, bacterial and thermal stimuli or injuries*
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Easy polishing and finishing
  • Full setting in 4 minutes
  • Easy removal ability thanks to its elasticity

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A1 Shade (50ml cartridge + 10 mixing tip), A2 Shade (50ml cartridge + 10 mixing tips), A3 Shade (50ml cartridge +10 mixing tips


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