Itena Clinical – PreventSeal (Self-etching light-cured pit & fissure sealant)


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Self-etching light-cured pit & fissure sealant
Use of the self-etching technique for the preventive sealing of pits of permanent teeth in patients presenting a raised risk of developing cavities.

  • Self-etching : no etching, no rinsing! A real time-saver
  • For pits and fissures that are particularly sensitive to dental decay, as they are difficult to clean.
  • Sealing with PreventSeal self-Etching pit & fissure sealant gives protection to sensitive tooth surfaces by protecting them with a waterproof layer of resin, which prevents the penetration of bacteria and enhances oral hygiene.
  • Excellent bonding strength on enamel (21MPa) for a long lasting seal
  • Optimal fluidity for perfect spreading into the pits and fissures
  • Fluoride release for better protection against tooth decay
  • Supplied with:
    • Pointed brushes > For easy cleaning of the pits and fissures
    • Extra-fine needle tips > For precise and economical sealant application

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1.2ml syringe + 10 tips


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