President Dental – C-Silicone Impression Material

 3,500 16,000



Durosil L : C-Silicone Impression Material Putty 900ml

Durosil S : C-Silicone Impression Light Body 150ml

Paste Hardener : C-Silicone Impression Material Catalyst 60ml

• Durosil L :Silicone base precision impression material. Preliminary impression material for supplementary impressions.
• Durosil S : Low viscosity C-silicon ideal for two-stage technique, single-stage technique with two viscosities.
• Paste Hardener : For Durosil L, S and Paste Hardener for the condensation crosslinking Durosil Products Hardener is for silicone impression.

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Durosil Kit : C-Silicone Putty Set, Durosil L : C-Silicone Impression Material Putty (900ml), Durosil S : C-Silicone Impression Light Body (150ml), Paste Hardener : C-Silicone Impression Material Catalyst (60ml)


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