Root Endo – S Blue (Controlled Memory Rotary NiTi Files)


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Pack of 4 Files

Controlled Memory Rotary NiTi File System

Easy Handling

Uniform speed and torque, Do not need to adjust repeatedly.

Highly Fracture Resistant

Heat Activated Material

3 to 5 Time more Fracture Resistant Compared to Traditional NiTi Files

Unique Prebent Feature

Highly Adaptive to Root Canal Shape – Maintains the Original Morphology of the Root Canal

Cutting Equilibrium

Design of Balanced Cutting Edge with Circular Triangular Cross Section

B0 (White) = 17/.10 (Orifice Opener)

B1 (Yellow) = 20/.04

B2 (Red) = 25/.06

B3 (Blue) = 35/.04

Torque | 2.5 N-cm

Rotary Speed | 425 – 500 RPM


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