Speedy and simple 5mm posterior composite restorations

 8,400 21,000



Fill, pack and go.

One Shade. One Fill.

Speedy and simple posterior composite restorations.

Natural-looking finish with just one universal shade

High depth of cure without the need for a capping layer

Easy placement in a matter of seconds

The waxy consistency is packable and non-sticky to optimize handling

Depth of Cure

The opacity of aura bulk fill is a function of the difference in the refractive index of its two components, the filler and the resin.

The curing process alters the refractive index of the resin marginally, to match the refractive index of the filler.

This lowers the opacity temporarily, allowing deeper light penetration for a high depth of cure.

Upon curing, the indices move apart again to arrive at the ideal opacity for aura bulk fill’s brilliant chameleon-like finish.

Compressive Strength = 375 MPA

Flexural Strength = 115 MPA

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Aura Bulkfill 4g Syringe 2+1 Deal, Aura Bulkfill 1x4g Syringe, Aura Bulkfill Capsules (20 x 0.25g Ea


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