Knitted Retraction Cord with Hemostatic Agent

SURE-CORD® PLUS is a Knitted Type Retraction Cord made of Split Microfiber which is more Absorbent than Cotton

SURE-CORD® PLUS is Impregnated with Aluminum Chloride which reduced the Moisture in the Gingival Sulcus and Closes the Capillaries

Advantages of Aluminum Chloride Impregnated Retraction Cord

Astringent Affect

Hemostatic Affect

Since it is Epinephrine Free, hence no Cardiovascular Problem

No Blackening of Soft Tissue

Intense Tensile Strength even with Aluminum Chloride

One Touch Cutting Cap with Zirconia Blade

Zirconia Blade Ensures the Clean and Hygenic Condition With Out Corrosion

Being Lint Free Cord, it Provides Cleanest Impression

Available in Size 000.0, suitable for Double Cord Technique

Knitted with Splint Microfiber to ensure Perfect absorption Action

Comes as 100 Inch (254 cm) Cord in a Bottle

Made in Korea


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000.0, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2


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