Water Soluble Calcium-Hydroxide Paste with Barium Sulfate.

SURE-PASTE® is water soluble Calcium-Hydroxide paste used as temporary filling material for endodontic procedure

SURE-Paste® is highly-flowable premixed paste for cleaning, and can be used easily due to water solubility.

SURE-PASTE® helps achieve high pH of 12 and hence has a strong anit-Microbial Affect

Because of Being Water-Soluble, SURE-PASTE® has High Flowability whcih Provides easy Filling or Removal

SURE-PASTE® is highly Stable and does not solidify with in the syringe



Treatment for Infected Root Canals

Temporary Root Canal Filling

Internal and External Root Canal Filling

Pulp Capping of Exposed Pulp

Vital Pulpotomy


Very Stable with out any Solidification

Outstanding Anti-Bacterial Characteristics

Easy Cleaning and Removal due to Water Solubility

Easy to Apply (Pre-Mixed Paste and Syringe Type)

Impressive Bio-Compatibility

Highly Flowability

Disposible mm Marked Tips to Avoid Cross Contamination

Excellent Radioopacity


Calcium Hydroxide

Barium Sulfate


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