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Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

Easy: Ready to use

Stable: Premixed in Stable Ratio

Bio: Bio Compatible

Natural: No Color Change

SURE-SEAL ROOT ™ is a Convenient Pre-Mixed Ready to use Calcium AluminoSilicate Paste Developed for Permanent Obturation of Root Canal

SURE-SEAL ROOT ™ does not Shrink and Demonstrate Excellent Physical Properties


Simple: Pre-Mixed and Injectable Paste Optimum Flowability

Biocompatibility: Pure Calcium AluminoSilicate Resin and Eugenol Free

Nano Sealing: Excellent Bonding to Gutta-Percha and Dentine Micro-Sized Particles Zero Shrinkage Hydroxy Apetite Generation Hydrophilic

High pH: Calcium Hydroxide is Generated during the Setting pH increases upto 12 and Over an Alkaline environment is Bacteriostatic

Comes in a 2 Gm syringe with 20 Application Tips

Made in Korea


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