Unimatrix R Sectional Matrix System

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Preformed sectional matrix system for class II restorations with reinforced rings


Preformed sectional matrix system for class II restorations with reinforced rings

The Unimatrix R System is composed by three sizes of preformed sectional matrices and two reinforced rings, Hard and Soft, which provides the ideal strength on the dental separation, more stability on the procedure and longevity. Both rings are equipped with triangular silicone tips.

Features and Benefits

– Reinforced Rings:
– Hard (blue): Indicated for cases requiring more pressure and dental separation
– Soft (pink): Indicated for cases requiring less pressure and dental separation
– Both have a greater resistance to deformation, extending its lifetime
– Its angles allows a perfect adaptation to the occlusal-cervical height, no influencing of the adjacent tooth
– Triangular Silicone Tips
– More anatomical, providing a better adaptation
– Offer more comfort to the patient
– Sectional Matrices
– Convexity and thickness of 0,05mm, allowing reconstruction of perfect and tight contact points, giving a natural anatomy to the tooth
– Available in 3 different sizes (S|M|L) for a better adaptation in all clinical situations
Unimatrix R is a very complete and profitable system. Simple to use and fast to set, that provides an excellent final result to the dentist, saving the professional time and offering more confident to reconstruct contact points.

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