Wenjian Brushless Electric Motor


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It can be connected to any brand of 1:5, 1:1, 16:1 and other contra-angle handpieces conforming to the E-shaped standard interface. It has a wide range of uses. Compared with traditional high- and low-speed gas turbine handpieces, electric handpieces have outstanding performance in dental aesthetics restoration, crown breaking, pulp hole preparation, caries removal, polishing and fine grinding, and have obvious advantages. Large torque output, keep constant torque during operation, not affected by air pressure; real-time speed display and fine adjustment, so that the dentist’s operation is truly handy.

Product Specifications:

Motor type: DC brushless motor

Speed range: 2.000-40.000rpm

Torque: 3.4Ncm

Power input: DC36V

Motor size: φ22×L71mm

Motor weight: 71g

Noise: <60db

Light source: LED (white light)

Total weight: 1250.00g


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