3m Unitek Gemini Metal Bracket




Unitek™ Gemini SL Self-Ligating Brackets provide a simple solution to passive self-ligation.

Unitek™ Gemini SL Self-Ligating Brackets offer the simplicity of a passive door self-ligating appliance. An advanced Nitinol ligating mechanism provides low resistance to door opening and closing, without using special techniques or instruments. Nitinol also offers the advantage of high resistance to unwanted mechanism fatigue, which can affect door operation and bracket performance during treatment.

Passive self-ligating Unitek Gemini SL brackets feature reduced friction for treatment efficiency, but you can also utilize the benefits of tie-wings, which permit active control with ligatures when you need it. The bracket’s smooth finish and rounded profile offer improved patient comfort. Discover the advantages of Unitek Gemini SL brackets for your practice.


  • 1 x 20 Brackets per Kit (5×5)


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