FGM Allcem Veneer APS


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Made in Brazil


Light-curing resin cement for cementation of ceramic veneers and no-prep veneers.

  • Predictability of results
  • Esthetic longevity
  • Fluorescence


  • APS technology:
    • Reduces or eliminates visual alteration of shade and opacity of the cement before/after photopolymerization.
    • Longer working time under ambient light.
    • Compatible with all blue light-emitting light-curing devices.
  • High shade stability: Esthetic longevity.
  • Excellent viscosity: Easy handling and application.
  • Radiopacity: Possibility of radiographic diagnosis.
  • Fluorescence: Appearance similar to the natural tooth.
  • Excellent mechanical properties: Reliable and long-lasting cementation.


Definitive cementation of:

  • No-prep veneers;
  • Veneers in ceramics and/or composite with thickness up to 1.5mm without opaque infrastructure.

Commercial Availability


  • 1 syringe with 2.5g, available in shades A1, A2, A3, Trans, Opaque White and E-bleach M.
  • 5 applicator tips.

Mini kit

  • 3 Allcem Veneer with 2.5g in shades: A1, OW, Trans.
  • 3 Allcem Veneer Try-in with 2g in shades: A1, OW, Trans.
  • 1 Ambar APS with 2ml.
  • Applicator tips.


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