FGM Amber Universal APS (Bond)


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Packaging containing

• 1 bottle with 5ml of adhesive.

Made in Brazil



Self-etching light-curing adhesive system for enamel and dentin.


  • Universal Adhesive (use under different acid etching protocols and on different surfaces);
  • Minimizes post-operative sensitivity;
  • APS system: Excellent performance at any moisture level of dentin;
  • Perfect for intracanal application.


  • High adhesion in different forms of application: Self-etching, selective-etching on enamel or total-etching.
  • Adhesion to different types of surface: Metals, ceramics, CAD/CAM composite and intracanal posts.
  • Perfect for intracanal application:
    • High adhesion rates in the intracanal region;
    • Better polymerization even in the apical region;
    • Greater compatibility with dual cements.
  • Enhanced MDP: In Ambar Universal APS, the MDP is more reactive, which has been achieved by redistributing the concentrations between solvents, water and acidic monomers. This higher reactivity increases the adhesive capacity to dentin (mainly without previous acid etching) and indirect substrates, besides providing adhesive film stability.
  • BPA-free: Ensures safety and health.
  • Colorless aspect: Does not interfere on the esthetics of restorations and cementations.


  • All classes of direct restorations with composites (classes I, II, III, IV and V).
  • Adhesive cementation (together with resin cement) of prosthetic pieces (intraradicular posts/cores, crowns, onlays/inlays, veneers etc.), fiberglass, ceromer, ceramic, composite and metal.
  • Adhesive repairs in ceramics and composites.
  • As a primer for metal or ceramic (etching or non-etching).


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