Cavex Cream Alginate 500g


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Scannable Alginate Exceptional Detail to 5 Microns from Cavex


Cavex Cream Alginate

For Exceptional Detail up to 5 Microns

The latest member of the Cavex alginate family is Cavex Cream Alginate. This modern alginate is easily mixed into a superbly smooth and creamy substance. Because of its unequalled accuracy – an impressive 5µm Detailed Impression – in combination with all the usual Cavex alginate features such as high tear strength, snap setting and a 5 year shelf life, Cavex Cream Alginate closely approaches silicone quality.

Features & Benefits:
  • 5µm detail reproduction
  • Easy to mix into a creamy smooth substance
  • High tear strength and elastic
  • Pleasant odor/color helps to overcome biting resistance
  • Normal Set (210 sec.)
  • 5 years shelf life
  • Renewed recipe
  • Scannable Alginate


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