Tehnodent Desensetin Liquid




15 ml

  • Bottle
  • Instruction for use

Made in Russia


  • Desensetin liquidLiquid for topical anesthesiaContains lidocaine hydrochloride (10 %) and cetrimideThe liquid is evenly distributed over the surface of the oral mucosa with a spray nozzle, quickly affect the receptors and is easily washed off with water.Anesthesia starts working after 10-15 seconds and lasts for 20-25 minutes, which allows fulfilling of planned treatment procedures.Maximum recommended volume for topical anesthesia is 2 ml. One injection is 0.12 to 0.15 ml.


    • Before injection
    • Slight injuries
    • With gingivectomy
    • Before scaling
    • During teeth cutting
    • Before extraction of loose teeth
    • To reduce gagging with sensitive patients


    • Convenient nozzle
    • Time saving: it is possible to shorten three-stage anesthesia method to two stages


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