Tehnodent Hemostop-A




  • Paste (25 g)
  • Instruction for use

Made in Russia


Iodoform paste


– excipients that provide sustained therapeutic effect

– iodoform, an antiseptic that has a prolonged antibacterial effect

– eugenol, which enhances the antiseptic effect and relieves pain

The product is not resorbable. The paste is washed out of the hole over time, which promotes wound healing. There is no need to remove any remaining paste during follow-up and injure soft tissues.


  • Socket treatment after tooth extraction
  • Alveolar osteitis prevention
  • Acute alveolitis treatment


  • Fast and prolonged analgesic effect
  • Strong antiseptic effect
  • Fast hemostasis and blood clots formation
  • Fibrous and easily moldable paste has a good consistency
  • Fast wound healing
  • No need to remove the paste from the socket (gradually washing)
  • The paste does not hurt oral mucosa


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