Tehnodent Iodotin




2 g

  • Syringe (1 pc)
  • Tips
  • Instruction for use

Made in Russia


The paste contains iodoform and calcium hydroxide, and can be used for the treatment of pulpitis and all forms of periodontitisThe paste has a strong bactericidal effect.Iodoform provides prolonged bactericidal effect in root canals. The hydrophobic paste-forming component ensures the fluidity and plasticity of the paste, provides root canal sealing, protects soft tissues when the paste is injected from the apex. Calcium hydroxide stimulates the formation of hard tissues at the apex level, provides an alkaline (pH over 12) antimicrobial environment and gradual hardening of the paste under the action of intracanal moisture. The paste is reabsorbed when exiting the apex into the soft tissues.The paste can be applied with gutta-percha or polypropylene points.

Iodotin does not inhibit the dental bud formation and development.

Do not fill the entire pulp cavity with paste to avoid staining the crown of the tooth.


  • Chronic and all destructive forms of periodontitis
  • Root apexification in case of periodontitis
  • Infection of root perforations and fractures
  • Root canal filling in primary teeth


    • Enhanced antiseptic properties (contains iodoform)
    • Strong bactericidal effect (pH > 12)
    • High radiopacity
    • If necessary, the paste can be left in the apical and post-apical part of the canal with permanent filling
    • The product stimulates the formation of hard tissue in the apex
    • Luer Lock syringe with reinforced plunger is comfortable to hold in hand
    • Ultra-thin dispensing tips


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