MANI Spreaders 25mm




Once your root canal is enlarged and cleaned, you can easily use the MANI Finger Spreader to press the master point coated with sealer into the coronal and lateral directions of the root canal wall. The colored ISO standard size makes it easy to add the Finger Spreader into your existing workflow.


  • Filling root canals


  • Provides smooth tactile sense inside the root canal
  • Includes a pre-applied suitable rubber stopper for each shape and length
  • Sharp edge for fast and effective treatment.
  • Wrapping treatment gives the surface a mirror finish. For fast cleaning during use.
  • High safety. Thread hole to prevent dropping
  • ISO colored grip indicates taper of file
  • Grip is marked with a number and symbol to identify the file easily.
  • Ergonomic design of grip for comfortable handling
  • Highly accurate taper. Precision above ISO standard. This secures a smooth workflow.
  • Corrosion resistance and high durability
  • Specially treated 18-8 Stainless steel
  • Superior cutting ability

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25mm-6, 25mm-8, 25mm-10, 25mm-15, 25mm-20, 25mm-25, 25mm-30, 25mm-35, 25mm-40, 25mm-50, 25mm-55, 25mm-60, 25mm-70, 25mm-80, 25mm-15-40, 25mm-45-80


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