FGM Opus Bulk Fill Flow APS


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  • 1 syringe with 2g, available in shades A1, A2 and A3.

Made in Brazil


Flowable light-curing composite with low-shrinkage stress.

  • Easy insertion and adaptation
  • Base of posterior restorations in increments of up to 4mm


  • Self-leveling: It allows a perfect adaptation of the material to the walls of the preparation.
  • Smart thixotropy: Antigravity action: perfect application to superior teeth.
  • Mechanical resistance: With approximately 68% of mass fillers, the composite shows enough mechanical strength to be used under direct restorations. It should be coated with a dense-consistency composite.
  • Stability under ambient light: Provides longer working time.
  • Curing depth: Can be inserted in increments up to 4mm deep.
  • Compatibility: With all classes of adhesives and methacrylate-based composites.


  • Basis of posterior restoration (class I and class II).
  • Liner under direct restorative materials.
  • Regularization/planification of the cavity preparation walls.
  • Repair of small enamel defects.
  • Repair of temporary materials in acrylic and composite.


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