FGM Ortho Bite



Made in Brazil


Light-curing composite for temporary dental disocclusion and band cementation.

  • Self-adhesive system
  • Self-leveling


  • Versatility: Due to its balanced viscosity, it allows you to make occlusal lifts and cement orthodontic bands with a single product.
  • Self-adhesive system: Its self-adhesive formula dispenses the previous use of adhesive making the clinical stage faster. When greater adhesion due to occlusal load is required, state-of-the-art adhesives can be used to increase adhesion.
  • Self-leveling resin: Its rheology allows perfect adaptation of the material, providing greater accuracy in the preparation of occlusal lift.
  • High Smoothness: The nanometric spherical particles give a high level of smoothness to the surface, which favors slippage during the occlusal function, bringing more comfort to the patient, dispensing with pastes or special polishing materials.
  • Strength in Orthodontic Band Cementation: Its high adhesion avoids unwanted displacement of the bands especially in cases where occlusal forces are greater (bands that support accessories, use of heavy elastics, teeth that receive occlusal load directly on the tubes, brachyfacial patients, etc.). It has greater adhesive strength to the tooth when compared to the glass ionomer cement.
  • Easy Application and Removal: The presence of blue dye helps in the application and allows easy removal of product residue avoiding unnecessary wear of enamel.


  • Temporary dental disocclusion.
  • Cementation of orthodontic bands.

Commercial Availability

Package contains

• 1 syringe with 4g of product available in the blue color.


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