FGM Orthocem


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Package contains (WITH ETCHANT)
• 1 syringe with 4g
• 1 acid etchant (Condac 37) with 2.5 ml.

Package contains (WITHOUT ETCHANT)
• 1 syringe with 4g

Made in Brazil


Light-curing orthodontic cement for the bonding of orthodontic brackets.

  • High esthetic quality.
  • With UV tracer.
  • Appropriate consistency.


  • Practicality and Agility: The photoactivation gives the professional total control of bracket bonding and the immediate installation of the orthodontic arch.
  • Adhesive strength: The balanced adhesiveness avoids adhesive failure throughout the treatment and at the same time facilitates removal of the bracket at the end of treatment.
  • High esthetic level: Adequate translucency and ability to withstand color variation over time without compromising the esthetics of the smile.
  • Appropriate Consistency: Facilitates installation of brackets.
  • UV Tracer: The fluorescent property of the material allows the cement to be traced when ultraviolet light is applied, facilitating its removal, without damaging the enamel, at the end of the orthodontic treatment.


  • Cementation of polycarbonate, metal and ceramic brackets and tubes.


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