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Resortin – materials with antiseptic properties, for the treatment of narrow, infected root canals


  • Effective antiseptic preparation of the dentinal tubules in the root canal
  • Safe obturation of the dental canal
  • Optimal composition for obturation of dense canals
  • Minimal coloring effect
  • Based on formaldehydes and zinc oxide, with bleaching agent
  • Therapeutic liquid with formaldehyde content
  • Liquid catalyst for hardening
  • Powder containing resorcinol, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and dexamethasone (0.01%), which reduces the pain reaction following canal obturation and accelerates the adaptation process of the filling material in the apex
  • The result of combining liquids with powder is a soft paste that completely blocks the canal and that hardens in 24 hours. It is not recommended to insert the paste behind the gum tissue, due to the whitening effect
  • Product for use in aggressive biological matrices with temperatures between 32°C and 42°C (in the oral cavity at temperatures 36°C-38°C and humidity 60-90%)


  • Treatment of difficult (narrow) infected root canals
  • Antiseptic preparation and obturation of the dental canal with incomplete extirpation of the pulp

Instructions for use:

  • For antiseptic treatment after pulp extraction and premedication, the canal must be dried well with the therapeutic liquid, avoiding leaks
  • To block the canal, mix the therapeutic liquid (1 drop) with the catalyst liquid (1 drop) in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Add powder (2 measures) and mix for 1 minute
  • The paste must be inserted into the channel without leaving the hole
  • The excess paste is completely removed
  • After use, tightly close the containers with the used materials


  • Resortin Kit – 1 bottle of therapeutic liquid x 5ml + 1 bottle of catalyst liquid x 5ml + 1 box of powder x 10g + 1 measuring spoon


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