FGM Vittra APS Unique


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• 1 syringe with 4g.

Made in Brazil


Sub-micrometric universal-chroma composite

  • Mirrors the shade of the tooth, like a chameleon effect.
  • Practicality and economy with high esthetic performance.


  • Chameleon effect: Copies the shade of the dental substrate during the polymerization process, achieving perfect mimicry thanks to the chromatic mirroring characteristics of the composite.
  • Universal chroma: From Bleach to D4 with just one shade of composite! It does not require stratification in most cases and allows the adoption of a simple incremental technique, without using different degrees of opacity/translucency.
  • Agility and economy: It does not require shade selection and, therefore, makes it faster to complete restorative procedures, increases the productivity of the professional and reduces the stock of composite shades.
  • High esthetics and mechanical resistance: In addition to excellent shine and polishing, it has high rates of flexural strength and fracture toughness to withstand the stress resulting from masticatory forces.
  • Exclusive APS Technology(Advanced Polymerization System): Longer working time even under the reflector’s light, more efficient photopolymerization, increased mechanical properties, superior esthetics with shade transmission and mirroring facilitated thanks to the more transparent photoinitiators of the APS technology (compatible with all light emitting light-curing devices).
  • BPA Free, ensuring safety and health: Safety and health for the patient! Studies shiw the interference of the compound Bisphenol A (BPA) in the endocrine system and in fetal and child development, in addition to reproductive problems. Although the amount of BPA released in saliva by resinous materials is much less than the safety limit dose, there is a worldwide trend to remove BPA from restorative dental products.
  • Smart syringe: Smart-Lock lid: ergonomics and easy handling. Dosing tip for precise portions and without waste, in addition to biosafety: it prevents the placement of the spatula inside the tube, reducing the risk of cross contamination.


  • Permanent and deciduous teeth;
  • Direct restorations on anterior and posterior teeth (classes I, II, III, IV, V and VI);

Important: cavities class I, II, V and VI: in case of darkening, cover the area with dentin composite or opacifiers (according to the professional choice) and proceed with the incremental technique restoration with Vittra APS Unique. Class III and IV cavities (without a back wall to support the shade): make a layer that will serve as a background for the restoration and finish the rest of the volume with Vittra APS Unique in an incremental way.

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