Tehnodent GlassyCem




  • Powder (20 g)
  • Liquid (16 g)
  • Measuring spoon
  • Mixing pad
  • Instruction for use

Made in Russia


Radiopaque glass ionomer luting cement

Thanks to a special technology used in the powder production, the material has a creamy consistency with an optimal fluidity. It forms a thin fixing film, which completely fills the space between the tooth core and the inner surface of the crown, ensuring the correct position when placing and fixing the prosthesis.


  • – High temperatures (over 23 °C) shorten the treatment time, while lower temperatures (e.g., when mixing materials on a chilled glass plate) lengthens the working time.
  • -Insufficient amount of powder has a negative effect on the mechanical properties and wear resistance of the mixture. Besides, an insufficient amount of powder can increase solubility of the cured material.
  • – To ensure optimum material properties, make a pilot mixture using the powder to liquid ratio recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays and dental posts
  • Core buildup


  • Prolonged anti-caries effect
  • Radiopacity
  • Biological compatibility
  • The material is perfect for cementation of metal-free crowns and bridges made of high-strength ceramics
  • Film thickness is 13 ± 2 μm (requirement by ISO 9917-1 is ≤ 25 μm)
  • High adhesion


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