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Mani Gates Drills are essential dental instruments engineered with a flame-shaped boring head and a slender shaft, purposefully designed to diminish the curvature at the orifice of root canals, thereby enabling improved access for meticulous cleaning and precise obturation during endodontic procedures. These specialized tools are indispensable for dental professionals, playing a pivotal role in the effective treatment of root canal issues and the preservation of patient’s oral health. With their distinctive design and availability in various sizes, often indicated by the number of grooves or specific markers on the instrument, Mani Gates Drills offers versatility and precision in preparing root canals for subsequent treatment steps. Their ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and consistent performance make them a trusted choice in the field of dentistry.

Key Specifications:

  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Length : 28mm & 32mm


  • Pack of 6

Patient Preparation:

  • Ensure the patient is comfortably positioned in the dental chair.
  • Administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area if required.

Isolation and Access:

  • Use a rubber dam to isolate the tooth, creating a clean and dry operating field.
  • Gain access to the pulp chamber and create an opening to the root canal system using suitable access burs.

Select Mani Gates Drill Size:

  • Choose the appropriate Mani Gates Drill size based on your treatment plan, the desired taper, and the specific tooth and canal.

Sequential Use of Mani Gates Drills:

  • Start with the smallest Mani Gates Drill (e.g., #1) if you’re aiming for minimal taper or use the size suitable for your procedure.
  • Insert the Mani Gates Drill into the handpiece or contra-angle attachment.
  • Carefully insert the Mani Gates Drill into the canal, avoiding excessive force.
  • Activate the handpiece or attachment at low speed.
  • Gently advance the Mani Gates Drill into the canal while applying slight apical pressure.
  • Periodically remove the Mani Gates Drill to clean it and clear debris.

Progression to Larger Mani Gates Drills:

  • If necessary for the desired taper, progress to larger Mani Gates Drills (e.g., #2, #3, etc.).
  • Use each Mani Gates Drill sequentially, moving from smaller to larger sizes.
  • Remember to pause drilling to clean and irrigate the canal as needed to remove debris.

Monitor Depth:

  • Pay attention to the depth to which each Mani Gates Drill is taken. The depth can vary depending on the tooth and clinical situation.
  • For minimal taper, the #1 Mani Gates Drill is often taken furthest apically, followed by #2, #3, and so on, each placed slightly coronal to the previous one.

Final Cleaning and Shaping:

  • After achieving the desired taper, proceed with additional endodontic files and reamers for the final cleaning and shaping of the canal.

Irrigation and Sterilization:

  • Throughout the procedure, irrigate the canal with appropriate disinfecting solutions to remove debris and maintain sterility.

Obturation and Sealing:

  • After thorough cleaning and shaping, proceed with obturation (sealing) of the canal using appropriate materials.

Post-Operative Care:

  • Provide post-operative care instructions to the patient, including any prescribed medications and follow-up appointments.

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1-6 32mm, 1-6 28mm, 1 32mm, 1 28mm, 2 32mm, 2 28mm, 3 32mm, 3 28mm


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