Tehnodent Cresotin




  • Paste (25 g)
  • Instruction for use

Made in Russia


Paste for antiseptic treatment and filling of root canals

Contains zinc oxide and zinс sulphate with adding of an antiseptic agent.

Zinc oxide and zinc sulfate are antiseptic agents with astringent properties. Barium sulfate is a radiopaque filler. The antiseptic base of the paste (chlorophenol and camphor) makes it possible to use the paste after treatment with Cresotin liquids (TehnoDent) at the final stage of the treatment with materials that have a similar antiseptic base.

The paste contains dexamethasone (0.01 %) for reducing pain when inserting material out of the apex.

The paste has an excellent fluidity (23 mm), easily inserted into canal with the help of a filling instrument and hardens under the influence of in-the-canal moisture during 72 hours. The solubility of a material is 1.5 % upon curing.


  • Filling after treatment of infected and narrow root canals
  • Filling of canals with incomplete pulp extirpation


  • Excellent flow properties (23 mm)
  • Low material solubility (1.5 %)
  • Strong antiseptic and binding properties
  • High radiopacity
  • Effective pain reduction is ensured by dexamethasone (0.01 %)
  • Easy application with a root filler


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