FGM Whiteness RM (Stain Remover)


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• 1 syringe with 2g
• 10 applicator tips
• 1 spatula

Made in Brazil


Stain remover by microabrasion, composed of hydrochloric acid at 6% and silicon carbide.

  • Definitive removal of enamel stains
  • Convenience
  • Safety


  • Efficiency: Effective and definitive removal of dental stains restricted to enamel.
  • Comfort: Does not cause dental sensitivity.
  • Convenience: Can be applied manually and with the aid of a rubber cup.
  • Resistance: The microabraded surface becomes more resistant to demineralization by S. mutans.
  • Ready for use: No mixing required.
  • Excellent viscosity: Easy application.


  • Controlled chemical and mechanical removal of enamel stained by:
  • Fluorosis
  • Surface hypoplasia of the enamel
  • Structural defects that cause pigmentation
  • White stains from inactive caries.



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