Dental Alginate Impression Materials




Dental alginate impression materials

  • Product structure performance: gypsum, colloidal soil coating composition.
  • Weight: 454 g/bag
  • Feature: Dust-free, Mint flavor, Discoloration display, High elasticity, Clear impression


  1. Suitable for making impressions of teeth and oral tissues. The material in the bag should be shaken evenly before use
  2. Powder to water ratio: 10g: 22ml (recommended to use a special measuring spoon and measuring cup for Haijiya);
  3. Reconciliation time: 30 “~45’’
  4. Working time: no less than 1’30”
  5. The temperature box hardness of the blended water will directly affect the above time. It is recommended to use 23°C deionized water.
  6. Rinse with water to remove saliva and debris from the impression, and cast the plaster model immediately.
  7. Use type 3 or type 4 gypsum tank to inject gypsum model in accordance with ISO6873 requirements.
  8. Please place the product at a temperature below 30°C and a humidity below 80%. The bag should be sealed immediately after opening to avoid moisture.
Test Item ISO21563 Chromatic
Powder water proportion 10g/22ml
Mixing time Factory stipulation 30”
Total working time Factory stipulation ≥1′ 30”
Time in mouth Factory stipulation 1′
Detail reproduction before and

after disinfection

20μm 20μm
Reappearance 50μm 50μm
Elastic recovery ≥95 % 97 %
Permanent deformation 5~20 % 16 %
Compressive strength ≥0.35 Mpa >0.5 Mpa
Tear strength ≥0.38N/mm >0.38N/mm

 Dental discoloration alginate impression materials -1



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