Esco Mona Autoclave


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Our Dental Autoclave offers greater flexibility and is suitable for a wide range of settings.
Although they are small Steam Sterilizer, they can offer outstanding performance, unbeatable efficiency and the highest possible safety standards.

Steam sterilizer noteworthy strengths include easy handling thanks to their ergonomic designs and energy savings due to their low power consumption.

User-friendly Steam Sterilization equipment are the epitome of hygiene and safety, as well as practicality and comfort.

They are suitable for High Speed Dental Handpiece and Electric Dental Handpiece, Surgical instruments, Dental Equipment and so on.

They can be used in Dental Laboratory, Beauty Salon, Tatoo use, Dental Clinic, Pets Clinic and so on.

We provide the fastest sterilization efficiency, one-stop service, free distribution of spare parts and online technical guidance for any damage caused by non-human factors within the two-year warranty period.

Esco autoclave is carried out with high-pressured steam. Esco autoclave, after being subjected to steaming, Esco autoclave can kill all transmissible virus to stop the infection .after that these instruments can be kept in a clean and dry place.


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