Dental Model For Patient Education




Dental Model For Patient Education:

This dental model by MYASKRO is one of the best available dental model on earth while it shows dental anatomy accurately and precisely it also depicts all of the dental pathologies making it super easy for dentists and teachers to teach regarding dental anatomy and dental pathologies.


  • Dental Models For Patient Education: This dental model facilitates patient education by easily showing various dental conditions and treatments.
  • Dental Model With All Pathologies: It includes all of the dental pathologies including Periapical pathology, Onlay, Implant supported bridge, Abfraction, Maryland bridge, Impaction, Tooth avulsion, Inlay, Caries, bridge & Crown, Dental implants and RCT.
  • Life Size Dental Model: It’s a life size dental model which put things in perspective and makes it even easier for showing dental anatomy, diseases, treatments and pathologies.
  • Premium Quality: Made up of non-toxic medical grade material which is extremely long lasting.

Product Specifications:

  • Product: Dental Model With Pathologies.
  • Brand: MYASKRO.
  • Model: MR-DTL02.
  • Weight: 0.7kgs.
  • Usage: Teaching/Learning Dental Pathologies, Anatomy, Structures, Treatments & Processes.


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