Tehnodent GlassyCem Varnish




  • Bottle (5 ml)
  • Instruction for use

Made in Russia


Final varnish

Filming agent in easily volatile solvent

The best way to achieve optimal ion exchange between tooth structures and glass ionomer is to condition the cavity with 12 % polyacrylic acid solution for 10 seconds. Do not use any liquid to mix the glass ionomer cement with a high concentration of polyacrylic acid or a 37 % solution of orthophosphoric acid for conditioning, because this can cause demineralization of tooth structures and reduce the amount of ions required for ion exchange, which, in turn, decreases the adhesion to the GIC.

  • – Observe the conditioner exposure time.
  • – Do not dry the tooth surface too much after conditioning.
  • – Protect it to normalize the water balance during its curing to obtain an esthetic and durable restoration. The surface of the filling, which is highly sensitive to excess moisture at the initial stage, must be covered with an enamel varnish.


    • Protection of the glass ionomer cement filling during curing


    • A protective thin film isolates the filling from saliva at the initial stage of curing
    • Normalization of the water balance in the ion exchange reaction
    • The varnish gives the restoration an aesthetic shine


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