Saremco els composite syringe


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  • 4-gram syringe

Extra low shrinkage, flowable
Light curing dental composite

Made In Switzerland


Light-curing, radiopaque microhybrid composite with extremely low shrinkage stress. Not only suitable for treatment in the anterior and posterior area of all classes from I to V, but also can be used for the indirect technique. Available in tips or syringes.

  • demonstrably free of TEGDMA and HEMA
  • proven to have extremely low shrinkage stress
  • good marginal seal
  • large number of lively, stable colors for perfect aesthetics
  • simple handling, easily sculpted and positionally stable

Order unit: Syringe
Content: 4 g
Color navigation: RB reddish brown, IA incisal amber,
IB incisal blue, IT incisal transparent, SW snow white

VITA colors:

REF 7103 A1
REF 7104 A2
REF 7056 A2op.
REF 7101 A3
REF 7105 A3op.
REF 7106 A3.5/B4
REF 7057 A4
REF 7108 B1
REF 7107 B2
REF 7102 B3
REF 7109 C2
REF 7059 C3
REF 7050 C4
REF 7110 D3

Special colors:

REF 7051 RB
REF 7064 IA 
REF 7052 IB
REF 7058 IT
REF 7066 SW-
REF 7055 SW
REF 7068 SW+
REF 8032 SW++

For Shades that are unavailable please contact us

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SW, A3, A1, A2


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