VITAPAN classical 16 Colours Tooth Shade


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A very popular re positioning of the tabs in VALUE order: B1, A1, B2, D2, A2, C1, C2, D4, A3, D3, B3, A3.5, B4, C3, A4, C4.

The VITA classical A1 – D4 shade guide serves to accurately determine tooth shade.

The arrangement of the shades in the VITA classical family of shades is as follows:

  • A1 – A4 (reddish-brownish)
  • B1 – B4 (reddish-yellowish)
  • C1 – C4 (grayish shades)
  • D2 – D4 (reddish-grey)

Tips for shade-taking:

If possible, determine the shade under daylight conditions or standardized daylight lamps, and not under normal indoor lighting conditions.

The shade-taking environment should preferably be in muted colors. Patients should be asked to remove lipstick or any cosmetics which could have an influence on shade- taking. Clothing in pronounced colors should be covered with a grey overall.

Make your choice swiftly; always accept your first decision, since the eyes begin to tire after approx. 5 – 7 seconds.


Hold the shade guide at a suitable distance (at arm’s length) against the patient’s mouth.

Make your choice of shade without hesitation by comparing the shade samples of the shade groups A – D with the natural tooth.

Disinfect the shade guide after every shade


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