Cavex Outline



Eugenol Free Impression Paste 205g Paste/Paste


Cavex Outline
Eugenol Free Impression Paste
Features & Benefits:
A stable full denture thanks to the gentle approach of the soft tissue.
The fit of a dental prosthesis is the most decisive factor in its functionality; the base must form a snug fit with the soft tissues in the mouth.
Cavex Outline is developed specially to achieve this. A non-elastic impression paste with required flow properties for an edentulous jaw, that ensures an accurate impression of the soft tissue.
Accurate impressions, Eugenol-free
With the introduction of the new Cavex Outline, eugenol irritation of the soft tissue now becomes a thing of the past. Cavex Outline produces an accurate registration for the relining, rebasing and making of a full prothesis, without the risk of irritation and odourless for both patient and dentist.
Ideal consistency, optimal final hardness
The paste flows easily under light pressure – thixotropic – so the soft tissues are not distorted. There is sufficient time to simulate the various mouth movements. Cavex Outline is also non-elastic, so the material does not bounce back when the tray is removed from the mouth. The result is a highly legible impression (blue), with all details clearly visible.
The moisture within the patient’s mouth accelerates the curing process (intra-oral snap set). In approximately 3 minutes you have a firm, fully-cured impression that you can cut without crumbling.
Not sticky, easy dosage and economical
Cavex Outline does not leave any residue on the palate or the soft tissue in the mouth. Gypsum compatibility is excellent. The impression does not shrink and remains dimensionally stable for at least 7 days.
Both components – the base (blue) and the catalyst (white) – are economical in use and are easily dosed from the new laminated tubes. An adhesive is unnecessary. Both pastes have a shelf-life of 3 years.


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